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The Benefits To Using Vertical Car Parking Facilities}

The Benefits to Using Vertical Car Parking Facilities


Rosario Berry

In a world where our cities are now more populated than ever, we are simply running out of space when it comes to parking our cars. The more people there are, the more cars there are, and all of this adds to congestion, traffic, and an increase in difficulties when it comes to parking.

Our cities simply do not have the space anymore to allow for flat style parking lots for our malls, condominiums, office buildings, and attractions. Instead, the future of parking is to take advantage of vertical space in much the same way we do with sky rise buildings.

This is made possible through the use of vertical car parking facilities that structure the parking of vehicles through the use of electrical control. Many manufacturers will be able to provide car parking facilities that allow for the parking of up to 60 cars in a ground space that would usually take up just three cars.

Take a look at the benefits of vertical parking facilities below:

More Parking in Less Space

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Of course, the first major benefit to this type of car parking facilities is that so much space is saved compared to using conventional parking systems. The cars are stacked using electrical control system that includes using elevators, lifting devices, and turntables which makes them perfect for use alongside high rise buildings.

Lower Ceiling Height Requirements

Space is also saved due to their being a lower ceiling height requirement than what would be found in conventional parking facilities. Cars are literally boxed into a minimal space which allows for more levels and more parking spaces.

Other Conventional Parking Requirements Not Needed

Because everything is done through electrical control, there is no need for things like passenger lifts, stairs, and ramps. The vehicle owner simply waits for his car to be brought to him through the use of electrical control and then drives away.

Reduced Lighting

Due to the cars literally being stored away there is no need for permanent lighting in vertical car parking facilities. Generally, there is only some emergency and maintenance lighting installed which are only used when required.


Those are just a few of the benefits of using vertical car parking facilities but there are many others such as the customer experience is far more convenient, and there is generally an improvement in the time it takes to retrieve a car compared to traditional parking methods.

If you are thinking of implementing a parking system for your building, vertical car parking facilities from industry leading manufacturers is the way to go. This is made possible through the use of vertical car parking facilities that structure the parking of vehicles through the use of electrical control. Many manufacturers will be able to provide car parking facilities that allow for the parking of up to 60 cars in a ground space that would usually take up just three cars.

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. Many manufacturers will be able to provide

Car Parking Facilities

that allow for the parking of up to 60 cars in a ground space that would usually take up just three cars.

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5 Things To Check Out Before Stepping Inside An Auto Dealership

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5 Things to Check out Before Stepping inside an Auto Dealership



A car might be one of the biggest ticket items you will buy in your life. It can be a nerve-wracking experience searching for the car you want, finding a reputable dealership, getting the financing you need, negotiating with sales people, and worrying if you ll get a good deal. Here are five things to consider before stepping onto the car lot:

1. Check Out the Market

Ask yourself what you want in a new vehicle, and list out both your must-haves and your desires. Then, narrow your search. Use popular search automotive resources like,,, and to better research and select the type of vehicle you want. You can filter by model, price, or other available options. These resources will not only help you weed out models with known issues, but will also help you ask the right questions when you visit the dealership.

There is no such thing as too much knowledge when it comes to narrowing the search for your new vehicle purchase. Check Kelley Blue Book at,,,, and even Craigslist to compare prices for cars in your area. Researching the market will give you the edge you need to negotiate once you arrive at the auto dealership.

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2. Check Out Your Local Dealerships

But first, you ll want to decide which dealership will best meet your needs. Hands down, in this situation, word-of-mouth is always paramount. Call on friends and family, especially those who have recently purchased a car. Ask them to share their experiences with you. Find out what dealerships offered great deals, quality vehicles, and good customer service. Be sure to use your better judgment in making your selection. Don t listen to the uncle, who plays golf on weekends with the dealership owner. Nor the cousin, who raves of a cute salesman but bought a car with a gremlin-sounding malfunctioning engine.

Additionally, you ll want to check local dealer websites for several reasons. One, you want to know if the model you are looking for is actually in stock. Also, there is much that you can tell about a dealership by reading site reviews and testimonials. You might expect smart businesses to stifle a bit but, if a dealership has been in business for 25 years or more and only two people can say something nice about the service, you may want to look elsewhere. A well-written and maintained website is another clue. Dealerships with haphazard websites are likely to carry a lackadaisical attitude towards the vehicles they sell and the service they provide.

Finally, look for company transparency. For example, contact information should be easy to find and working. Basic information about inventory should be easily accessible. CarFax history and reports should be readily available as well.

3. Consider Your Budget

Before you can initiate buying the car of your dreams, you need to know exactly what you can afford. Start with a realistic overall price you want to pay for a car. Know exactly what you can afford per month if you re considering a car loan and how much you can afford for a down payment. Don t forget to consider the added fees for tags, registration, title, delivery, inspection, sales tax and so on.

Additionally, remember this. You newly purchased car is not necessarily an investment it s an expense. So, don t forget about the continued costs of licensing and inspections, gasoline, insurance premiums, maintenance, and repairs. Budget for everything, and then some. And, stick to your budget.

4. Check Out Financing and Loan Options

Often, car dealerships can offer you the best loan options. But first you ll need to know what everyone else is offering. Check national interest rates, local banks, and credit unions to find out if dealership financing is the best option for you.

Know your credit score. If your credit score is less than optimal, do what needs to be done to increase your score. Otherwise, you may qualify for a loan with an 8% interest versus the 2.75% national base. Whatever you do, avoid applying for loans all over town. Every time you apply, a credit check or inquiry is run, which puts another ding in your score.

Ok. Kudos to you, if you have all the money you need to purchase your new or used car. But, you might want to keep this to yourself when it s time to negotiate with a car dealer. If the sales person doesn t know your limits, he or she cannot push them. Also, wait until the deal has been made before you mention any trade-in. A trade-in and purchase should be two entirely separate negotiations.

5. Check Your Confidence at the Door

So, you ve done your homework. You know exactly what you want, where to find it, what you can spend, and what to expect in fair financing. You now have purchasing confidence, and you are ready to invest it into your shopping experience. Bringing someone with you who doesn t have a stake in your purchase might also help. Let that person be the voice of reason and the one to drag you out of there by your ear if needed. Better yet, bring Uncle Joe, the mechanic. A little extra expertise certainly can t hurt.

Most of all, brace yourself for the walk-away. No matter how perfect the car, and no matter how great the offer, prepare to walk out and go home. But, be sure to bring home all the pertinent information and that all questions were answered to your satisfaction. Now, you have time to think about this purchase and talk it over with friends and family. Chances are, if you have done your due diligence, you can walk right back into the dealership the next morning, confident and with a clear conscience, and drive away in your dream machine.

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